RFD900x and frsky SBUS transmitter


I am looking to get my transmitter connected to QGroundControl.

Vehicle Setup:
Orange cube+
RFD900x Multi Cable

GCS setup:
RFD900X (connected via provided usb to computer)
frsky archer mini wired to pins 2 (gnd), 4+6 (power), 15 (signal)
frsky x18 transmitter

I have been playing with all sorts of settings and trying to find details online on how to get the RFD900x and the frksky system to send RC inputs to the vehicle. I already had this exact pinout working with mission planner but I recently let someone use the hardware and so the settings on both of my RFD900x radios was different than I originally had it. I now want to switch to QGroundControl over mission planner.

I made this work with mission planner a while ago, and I didnt write down exactly what I did. But I remember it being extremely simple to get the RC signal to the computer. The transmitter is already bound to the archer mini and it has plenty of signal strength.

I’ve tried to comb through all of the RFD900X settings and try all combos I could but nothing seems to work. I have been setting it up according to the RFD900X Tools software instructions, watched all sorts of videos, but nothing has given me the answer I’m looking for

the RFD900X is already transmitting telemetry and the vehicle wirelessly connects to the computer no problem.

Thank you for any help