Reg rssi values in QGroundControl

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know the logic of the values displayed as Telemetry RSSI in QGroundControl?

The Local and Remote rssi shows up as negative values (say -1 or so) whereas in RFD Modem Tools software, the values are displayed in the range of 240 if the air and ground module are close to each other. I can use the latter values to calculate the estimated range for a given telemetry configuration. But I cannot access the RFD Modem tool software if I am accessing the com port through QGroundControl.


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I suppose they are similar to WIFi RSSI values.

It is very normal to see negative value. Best signal strength ever should not surpass 0

I think that positive value of signal strength can not exist. Maybe what you see in the software is either a bug, or the real values are passed into a mathematical function for some reason.

Take a look at this article:

Hi @shrit,

Thank you very much for your reply. However I think I found the answer I was looking for in the below snapshot found in this link: SiK Radio — Advanced Configuration — Copter documentation

I had found the range calculation formula before but I did not connect this formula to the RFD modem tools value until now.

btw does any one know how to measure/access the rate at which the RX errors increase? I am asking this because the value reported is a cumulative value rather than an instantaneous value.