Rebuilding /src/lib in v1.13 or later

Hi all,

I was able to make changes in /src/lib/ source and it’d automatically rebuild in v1.12.3 and earlier, this no longer works in v1.13 and later. The CMakeLists.txt has changed from entries like ‘add_subdirectory(airspeed)
'add_subdirectory(adsb EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL)
add_subdirectory(airspeed EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL)
add_subdirectory(avoidance EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL)

Why was this done and how do I force rebuilding of the libraries in my project now? Cube Orange on Ubuntu development if it makes any difference. Thanks!

Let me rephrase, because the add_subdirectory stuff I mentioned doesn’t appear to be correct and maybe has nothing to do with it.
I modify source files, say /src/lib/RC/sbus.cpp. When I rebuild with ‘make cubepilot_cubeorange’ the build does not reflect the changes I made in sbus.cpp. What do I need to do with or to the build system to rebuild and use my changes?
If I check out V1.12.3, ‘make cubepilot_cubeorange’ appears to recompile sbus.cpp and use the file.

Building on Ubuntu for cube orange, V1.13.3. Any suggestions, observations, insights, hints, etc. would be appreciated!

SOLVED, thanks to all of the gentlemen on the QA Call on Discord. Turns out I needed to:

make px4io_update
make distclean
make cubepilot_io-v2

to accomplish what I wanted. Thanks so much for the help!