Reason for unstable flight behaviour in autonomous indoor flight with PX4 1.6.5 and the Cube?


here is the link to logmucher for log visualization:

So we are using drone for automatic indoor flights and frame is custom made.

Flight Hardware:
PX4 1.6.5. software (offboard mode)
Pixhawk cube
KDE direct escs and motors

The same flight route was done several times, but last flight drone took off from ground and was very unstable (see the log link above)

For altitude we use multiple sensors, mainly lidar, all sensor are connected to companion computer, not directly to Pixhawk. And we use LPE for positioning algorithm.

This sudden unstable behaviour was not previously seen within last year we have been using the Cube. IMU sensors were calibrated and as mentioned several similar flights were done, without no unstable behaviour.

Last action for drone was tilting more than 30 degrees, and our build solution gives the shutdown command, and in this case drone dropped from 1.7 meters. Can there be any reason found from those pixhawk logs?

Thanks in advance, Niko

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