Really Green Drone Newbie

Hi All,

Amazed by, but not surprised to learn that open source is leading the Drone way, but I’m completely new to that. I am a bit overwhelmed by the wealth of information and resources, it feels a bit like the early days of the Linux revolution that I had a pleasure to be part of.

So, if I want to build my own drone and test my mission and autonomous behavior algorithms how do I start? How can I get up to speed to contribute here or in any other related grounds? (DroneCode et al)

I apologize if this is off topic for this forum but it did say that you are always looking for new devs, and ever since 2002 I’ve been eagerly contributing to open source (Debian, GNOME, Ubuntu, Maemo, MeeGo) so I jumped in.

Thank you all for this, looking forward to get some insights and direction.


Hi Sivan,

The easiest way is to build yourself a small platform to test/prototype on. Are you most interested in fixed wing airplanes, multi rotors or something else?