Real drone can not take-off in mission mode

Hello, I am working with PX4-Avoidance for a project using missions.
At the moment the avoidance ROS node (for what I can see by logs) it working correctly (even in simulation).
Now I am trying to test it on a real drone but I am unable to take off in mission mode, my steps are:

  1. Turn on the drone waiting for GSP signal
  2. Turn on avoidance ros node
  3. Planning a mission with QGC
  4. Start the mission

When I arm and the mission starts, the motor start to spin at minimum PWM (PWM_MIN value) and do not change.
I have tried already manual and altitude mode and I can take off manually, so is not a problem of payload.

What can I check to resolve this problem?
In QGC I do not have any error or warning , I have also check the return to home in mission mode and the result is the same, the motor spin always at PWM_MIN value (that is different from PWM_MAX)