Additional analog sensor information from Arduino to Pixhawk?


How to send additional analog sensor information from Arduino to Pixhawk?

What is the best way to do it? Can anyone guide me on how I view sensor data on the mission planner?
I can measure analog sensor data in Arduino now i want to transfer this information to pixhawk.

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First it needs to make clear which kind of sensors you used, gps imu data after the filters ? If yes just connect the analog output to input pins of px. In fact px firmware supports only some kinds of sensors and data. You can see how the data is generated with the log file * flight reviewer (logging mode in qgc). If it is an unsupported sensor, modify firmware will be a hard job. A better solution is to implement offboard mode, ur arduino communicate with px via mavlink (through mavsdk/ or mavros if u can embed ros in arduino, i am not sured) to receive px data