Reading current Thrust

Hey everyone,

I’d like to know where I can see my current thrust while I’m flying.
Position mode and everything else is running smooth but I’d like to do some model identification and would like to refer to the the current normalized thrust.

I know it is shown in the second plot of the flightlog with the flight review online tool. But I’d like a method to use while flying. In mavros I haven’t noticed a topic which represent the current thrust.
Only the mavros/rc/out topic might be appropriate to map the pwm’s to a normalized thrust - but my tests didn’t looked right so maybe I made a mistake in the calculation there …

While asking about the thrust and the pwm’s … is there anyway to increase the rate of mavros/rc/out? For my system its around 10Hz but internally the pixhawk uses them on 400Hz - is there someway to increase the data to f.e. 50-100Hz? I mean the IMU data is running on 50Hz, too.

Kind regards