rcS file in PX4 F/W

I’m trying to upload the PX4 F/W on STM32F446 instead of STM32F427 (Pixhawk & PixRacer).

STM32F446 has small flash size (512KB), so I’m trying to reduce F/W size.

Firstly, I deleted some components in cmake file. After that, I’m trying to revise rcS file. (Firmware/ROMFS/px4fmu_common/init.d/rcS)

I can understand the source code in this file approximatively, but if there is a manual, document or website, it will be very helpful to me.

Please let me know any information about this.

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Removing all the mixers and airframes you aren’t going to use will help.
Did you strip the cmake config down to the bare minimum?

Yes, the F/W size is about 490 KB now.
So, I think there are many parts that need to be deleted in rcS source code.