Rapid Battery Drain on Multiple Batteries

Hi I have recently come into an issue where my batteries for my Quadcopter (S500 frame) will drain rapidly and struggle to power the drone (if it does, the motors run weakly and then shuts off after about 15 seconds). I was wondering if anyone has had an issue similar to this and what they did to resolve it. I suspected my batteries were faulty at first but I have been through 3 so far and am pretty sure they are not the problem. Any help would be great thank you~!


  • PixHawk flightcontroller 2.4.8
  • power module v1.0
  • Ovonic FPV LiPo batterie(s) 4S 14.8V
  • ReadyToSky 30A ESCs
  • ReadyToSky RS 2212-920 kV Motors