Tiltwing VTOL support?

PX4 supports tiltrotor, tailsitter, and quadplane but is missing the last major VTOL type. Tiltwing. It seems like it is a combination of tiltrotor and tailsitter, and the aerodynamics and controls get the most complicated out of all the types of VTOL. Has there been any progress into this development?

What’s an example tiltwing you’re thinking of? I think a crude transition would be the same as a tiltrotor, but with slightly different settings?

On the simplest level. Imagine a cylindrical body with two equally sized wings on the front and back with 4 motors, 1 motor on each side. A rotating joint holds the wings on the body and the wings tilt to be either in quadcopter mode or fixed wing mode. Transition servos could take anywhere from 4-8 seconds. Through the transition range you don’t have access to the benefits a strictly parallel to the ground wing gives you when increasing in airspeed. You also lose quadcopter control in the later transition range as well. Control attitude switches past 45 degrees and most controls either in multicopter or fixed wing add more than just 1 axis of movement. An extended stay of a few seconds in that transition range could lead to a crash and an uncontrollable aircraft.