Quadcopter frame configuration using qgroundcontrol

Hello Team,
I wanted to know how can I change motor kv and propeller dimension and pitch from qgroundcontrol.
My final goal is to finalize on Quadcopter configuration which can lift 2kg payload.
Before buying the hardware I wanted to check on gazebo.
My first choice of hardware is to have 650mm frame . In order to simulate this I have set motor position in qgroundcontrol as per 650 mm .
Next thing I want to do is to set the motor kv which possibly I might buy and change the propeller size .
I tried using x500 gazebo model.
Currently I don’t see kv parameter in qgroundcontrol and propeller parameters are also not visible
As per px4 documents,. These param should be available.
Please let me know, for my final goal is this approach correct. I know ideal solution is to create a new sdf using solidworks and import it in px4.