QGroundControl Params "Serial" Tab missing?

Hi. I am trying to configure my Pixhawk 4 to send telemetry via my X8R to my Taranis transmitter. Like described here Redirecting to latest version of document (master)

I think the only thing I need to do is configure the Pixhawk to use the right serial port for the telemetry data stream. The configuration parameter TEL_FRSKY_CONFIG is not available when I search in QGroundControl:

Futher, the “Serial” tab on QGroundControl Parameters screen isn’t present. Under step 4 in the “How to Configure a Serial Port” section of this page Redirecting to latest version of document (master) there is a Serial tab in the QGroundControl parameters configuration section. But not in my QGroundControl. I have the Sensors tab and the System tab but no Serial tab.

I find this strange. Does that mean I have to add it to the firmware and re-build and re-upload the firmware (i.e. the program) to my autopilot?

I am running QGC 3.4.4 and the PX4 firmware version 1.8.1.

Or is there something else I should do?

Thank you!


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You have to use master, since these parameters were added after the release 1.8.1.


Thank you! Makes sense now.