QGroundControl : Flight Mode assignment, deutsche Erläuterung?


Thanks for the feedback. I can understand that this is a common request from the racing community, but we’ll need a few more days to work out how to best address this - we plan to improve the situation though!


Actually I only need acro mode to race! Can you @LorenzMeier tell why arming in acro mode is not working? And will that be possible in the near future? Thanks


Yes, we’ll relax the arming constraints. It was intended to be less confusing to the user, but that seems to be not the case.


Any progress here?:grin:


Here is a branch for single channel flight mode selection which will enter testing this weekend:


Wow :triumph: Finally, my life will be much easier :grin: Thanks a lot.


@LorenzMeier do you have any news about inflight tuning? Is anything in Progress?
Like in cleanflight, this feature is great.


@Sn0west - @Mark_Whitehorn was intending to look into it.


Wer jetzt ein QGC daily build runter lädt und damit master flasht, sollte auf diese Art konfigurieren können:

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Now FM looks realy user friendly :triumph::grinning:


Thx a lot, Flight Mode Assignment works perfect now !

One Question, is AUTO/LAND also working as LAND mode, when no Auto Mission is assigned ?

Its simply landing ?

Edit #2 : AUTO/LAND is working as a LAND mode which can be easily assigned with a Mixer as well.

Or is it trying to reach a safety height first ?

Edit, there´s an issue. Simulation is working, assignment is not.


This looks awsome! I’m looking forward to test it asap. Thanks very much Lorenz!!


Why my FM screen is a “bit” different than Lorenz presented here? Latest version of QGC and PX4 master stack installed on my Pixracer. Channel fields are too narrow. No PWM bands values close to FM fields.


Font differences between Linux and Windows.


Any chance to have the font issue fixed?


Is there anywhere a list, where I can see what which flight mode should make.

Its a bit confusing.