QGroundControl - Dual GPS

First post from a newcomer to the pixhawk flight controller - does the QGroundcontrol firmware support dual GPS? I see that Mission planner has additional parameters relating to the dual GPS but nothing jumps out as to dual GPS in the firmware that is loaded via Qgroundcontrol (presumably this is the PX4 flight stack). I’ve got the 2 GPS modules plugged into the GPS and Serial 4/5 ports. Maybe its a related question - Can I load the APM flight stack ( I understand this is the firmware Mission Planner loads) via QGroundControl?

QGC works with and can load both ArduPilot (APM) firmware and PX4 firmwares. As far as dual gps, there is no specific support in QGC to show values from multiple gps. That won’t prevent you from flying though.

Thanks for the clarification.

Is there some way to verify that both GPS blend is in use?


Edit: Seems for some reason param EKF2_GPS_MASK not 7 on this log so need to make a new log tomorrow.