Qgroundcontrol does not show GLOBAL_POSITION_INT

Dear people

I do have a pixhawk mini connected with 3DR GPS on a drone

and I have run the command over ssh on a laptop:

roslaunch mavros px4.launch fcu_url:="/dev/ttyTHS1:57600" gcs_url:=“udp://@

Qgroundcontrol speaks saying communication regain, and I assume that the communication is good.

However, when I try to have a fight mission, I can see that the GPS is lock (3D DGPS Lock) with over than 10 satellites, some times even more.

I can not start the mission because it says the vehicle is not ready and I can not see GLOBAL_POSITION_INT on the mavlink inspector.

I really appreciate your help.

Hi people,

I just solve this issue by calibrating the pixhawk mini by means of the qgroundcontrol.

cheers :slight_smile: