QGCS Custom Build Fail

I’ve followed the instructions for a custom build i.e.

  1. Fresh Build (completes)
  2. Renamed custom-example to custom
  3. Ran the python script updateqrc.py
  4. Clean build
  5. Rebuild (fails)
    and encountered the following errors (Re: Screenshot)

So I made these changes to the CustomFirmwarePlugin.cc at line 23 (inside if statement)

Now the build completes but on execution this is shown in Application Output:

Can someone help diagnose these errors?

QGC Daily Build v3.0 release
Qt version 6.6.1
Ubuntu 20.04


Dev DonLakeFlyer :

“The custom build hasn’t been updated to move to Qt6 yet. I’ll try to get to it as soon as I can.” 3 Feb-24

So for people wondering what to do next?

  1. Install Qt 5.15.2
  2. Clone QGCS 4.3 Stable Branch (recursive submodules)
  3. Now the custom build steps can be followed.