Hi, when i try to custom build my qgc, i get this error

I followed the steps provided in the user guide, i.e

  1. Rename the folder to custom
  2. Clean build
  3. Run python in custom directory
  4. Build and run
    The main build works fine.I am running qgc in ubuntu 20.04 , Stable 4.2 version of qgc and 5.15.2 version of Qt

Your build environment is okay I faced the same errors
you need to rename the enum values and add it as extra at the vehicle cc file
then custom build will get built . In my case after the changes it worked

I’m having exact the same problem. (On Kubuntu 22.04)


Could you please explain a little more about it ? …I’m not a developer and only resorted to trying and build the custom version as I have not manged to get hold of it any other way.
(Desktop version builds OK, but Android is just not happening)