QGC Ipad support

I have an iPad Air 4, IOS 17.4, and I can’t find QGC on appstore, nor in builds, is the platform still supported? I’ve seen some old posts about using QGroundControl on Ipads, but no luck installing it.

QGC can not be in AppStore because Apple’s policy with Qt, which QGC is built based on.

Not tried yet but perhaps you can “side load” it now?

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Will try to, but so far have not found a way how to do it. Also, it seems that Qt6 didn’t have support for Ios ios17 till two weeks ago

I once had it on iPhone, was only useful when controlling drone over wifi… other connections where impossible because it lacks usb port… in App Store I now only see the qgc app from Alta… as I recall it had same functionality as normal qgc… I don’t know if iPhone and iPad have same app in store…