iOS Joystick support


I’ve done some testing and some digging, and I haven’t succeeded in connecting a joystick to my iOS device (iPad). I’ve attempted an Xbox One controller via USB and bluetooth, as well as a Dualshock 3 over USB. I’ve found very little documentation on the matter, is this an indication that there isn’t yet joystick support for iOS? I’d appreciate any help! Running QGC v4.0.10 for reference.

iOS does not support joysticks

There is MFI controller and since IOS13 it support dualshock 4 and Xbox game controller. An app (called ROV) works with mavlink and ardusub on IOS but quite tricky to tune. QGC could be a very good option for IOS if it can support BT external controller…is it possible to add to the todo list?

Is there a possibility to add this joystick function for iPad ?