QGC doesn't connect to gazebo when using telemetry in HITL mode

i am running an hitl simulation using QGC and gazebo along with px4 v5 , when I connect the hardware directly to the laptop everything works fine (QGC connects to gazebo and the simulation runs well) then I wanted to use telemetry, I started by identifying the serial port using dmesg | grep “tty” which gave ttyUSB0 and replaced it in “serialDevice” following these steps Hardware in the Loop Simulation \(HITL\) | PX4 User Guide . when I ran
gazebo Tools/sitl_gazebo/worlds/hitl_standard_vtol.world
it gave : opened serial port devttyUSB0 , the green led in the telemetry module went on and gazebo launched and displayed the vtol but QGC stayed “disconnected” no matter what i did. any idea please on how to get QGC to connect to gazebo I really need to solve this issue . ps: the telemetry works fine when not in hitl mode . Thanks in advance.

I also encountered the same problem. When performing HITL hardware-in-the-loop simulation according to the official website documentation, the gazebo model was successfully opened, but it was still unable to connect to the QGC ground station.Hope there is a solution