Flight Controller not being connected to QGC

Below are the console messages when connecting a VOXL Flight board to my computer running QGC. The board was working properly until it wasnt and now QGC does not recognize a flight controller being connected.

[D] at D:\a\qgroundcontrol\qgroundcontrol\src\comm\LinkManager.cc:210 - “LinkManager::_linkDisconnected “PX4 FMU ModalAI FCv1 on COM3 (AutoConnect)” 1”
[D] at D:\a\qgroundcontrol\qgroundcontrol\src\comm\LinkManager.cc:599 - "Waiting for next autoconnect pass “\\.\COM3"”
[D] at D:\a\qgroundcontrol\qgroundcontrol\src\comm\LinkManager.cc:640 - "New auto-connect port added: “PX4 FMU ModalAI FCv1 on COM3 (AutoConnect)” “\\.\COM3"”
[D] at D:\a\qgroundcontrol\qgroundcontrol\src\comm\LinkManager.cc:865 - “allocateMavlinkChannel 3”

After this point what should I be looking for or what can do to get the board back to working properly?