QGC can't connect to Mantis Q to update firmware

I have a brand new Yuneec Mantis Q and I want to use QGC to plan and Fly missions. I have updated all software on Manits through their app but when I tried to fly a mission in QGC I received a warning my Firmware is out of data. So I connected the Mantis Q to my machine (windows and a linux) and neither of them will see the drone to allow me to update the firmware. I can access the drone through the files manager and see files but QGC doesn’t see it. What do I do?

Sorry. Don’t know anything about the Mantis Q. Not sure if that should even work.

thanks for reply @DonLakeFlyer …I figured it was a long shot and that while it is a px4 supported frame, they have locked it down to only have the 1.1.1 version that works with their app and not allow an update to latest firmware so that it can be flown with QGC.