Python compatibility problem while building PX4 firmware on windows 10

Hi everyone,
I want to upload custom firmware by changing the mixing algorithm of the multi-copter frame. I am following this tutorial for now -

When I reached the make px4_sitl jmavsim

It produces the following error below related to the older python version. But I already installed python 3.8 & even the environment path is on the latest version. So why is it showing an older python version on console bash & how to change it?

try typing:
python3 --version

it says bash: python3: command not found

So python version 3 is not on your path.
‘python’ executes version 3, ‘python3’ executed version 3.

so how to make it in path on console bash?

Since I am unaware of your complete circumstances I think it best you google it for yourself, which is what I would do. You will learn something about the environment you are working in as I am sure this will not be the last problem you will have…

thanks, will check it out.