Px4flow flight

Hi dears,
I configured the Px4flow module and tested it in loiter mode. The test results were also acceptable and almost stable. My flight controller is pixhawk4 with 4.0.7 copter firmware.
in auto mode with a mission, the vehicle has some additional drift, and strangely it passed the point of the home and did not land (lost it).

You should ask this on the Ardupilot forums, as Copter is not PX4.

Thanks @jimdgit,
part of my problem is about accuracy in auto mode that cause this drift or error.
Is that true of Optical Flow?

auto mode? Is that an ArduCopter mode?
You really should show them your log. It will not mean much here.

Yes, it is the mode. (Auto planing)
I was looking for the sensor performance.
thanks anyway