Px4 wifi qgc

How to connect the PX4 to the qgroundcontrol via WIFI?
I have two PC.

  • The PX4 is connected to the PC 1 with mavsdk. (Linux)
  • The qgroundcontrol runs on the PC 2.

I would like to see PX4 in qgroundcontrol on PC 2.


one posibility is that you:

  1. make PC1 an AP e.g. with hostapd
  2. install mavproxy on PC1 → look Download and Installation — MAVProxy documentation (ardupilot.org)
  3. start mavproxy on PC1 with network udp or udpbroadcast access
  4. etablish a client wifi connection from PC2 to PC1 (AP)
  5. start qgc on PC2

Have a deeper look into the MAVProxy documentation. There are a lot of information, how to connect a companion computer (like your PC1) over wifi with a groundstation (like your PC2).

Have a nice try.