PX4 v1.14 Drifting setpoints in position control

I just updated to PX4 v1.14, and I am now seeing some issues in position mode on my quadcopter. As can be seen in the below log, the local position setpoints in x, y, and z all vary over time when no joystick input is present. I was not seeing this issue when using PX4 v1.13. I did change a few parameters related to height estimation after making the switch from v1.13 to v1.14, so the issue could potentially lie there.

The log:

My quadcopter is set up to use vision as its only source of position and height estimation. I also have an onboard computer on the drone which communicates with the flight controller via Mavlink. The onboard computer does not send any position target/setpoint messages to the drone.

Does anyone have any ideas regarding the source of this issue? Thanks.

Identified the issue - the vision information sent to the flight controller was sent with variable (and frequently high) latency. This latency caused the local position setpoints to drift over time.

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