Px4 sitl qgc gazebo

I am trying to simulate px4 sitl using gazebo. And qgc in my Android phone. Qgc and px4 are not connecting. Is it possible to do? Or am i missing something. Because px4 is running on one system and qgc on other.

It is possible, but you have to be in the same network. How are you configuring the network?

did u try reboot ur phone ? i sometime have issue connecting with my iphone. make sure you are connected by wifi on the same network

They are in same lan. I have connected my system to router. And Android phone to wifi of that router. I could able to ping from system to andriod ip address.

Hi, I have the same problem with connecting the gazebo by the Android qgoundcontrol.
IP of the Ubuntu running gazebo is, and IP of the phone running Android qgroundcontrol is They can ping to each other.

In qgroundcontrol, I add the TCP link of ‘’, then connect, but it fails and warns ‘Error on socket:Connection refused.’

if anyone has the same problem?