PX4 - PM07 PDB to 4-1 ESC wiring question

Hi All,

I am using the Pixhawk 4, together with the PM07 power distribution board. The PDB gets powered from a 3S battery. Previously I had 4 seperate powered ESC’s wired to the PDB 12V output, but I now want to use a 4-1 ESC module. These 4-1 ESC modulus only have a single 12V wiring connection, so I am wondering if it is OK to power the 4-1 ESC from just 1 of the 4 PDB ESC outputs. See the image for clarification. Thanks in advance!

I believe they are all connected and you can get battery voltage from any of the pads. To make sure, you could use a voltmeter and check if they are connected with the beep tester.

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I would like to know what wire plug to use if I don’t want to use the PM07