PX4 on a Un-Powered Glider?

Hello All!

I built a super simple delta glider to answer a question I had: Will PX4 be able to preform RTH with a non powered glider when dropped from altitude?

So far I’ve done two test flights by dropping the glider from a multirotor. The glider flies quite nicely (considering the construction quality) but the autopilot is not quite preforming as hoped. On the first test I tried switching into Return mode but it just went into Loiter. On the second I tried switching into Mission mode with the takeoff waypoint set at the desired home position, but it also went into Loiter.

Are there any parameters anyone can think of that would help make this work? The goal is to simply have the plane fly directly towards home, then Loiter until it touches down. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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