PX4 - NSH TOP command not working

Hello everyone,

I am running a Cube Orange with the PX4 Firmware Stack Version 1.12.3.We are trying to run a custom controller setup in which we test an experimental controller or an experimental setup.

We could successfully, compile and upload the PX4 Firmware to the Cube Orange, however whenever I run the “uorb top” command in the nsh shell (in order to list all uorb topics), nothings happens. The exact output is:

nsh> uorb top


does anyone have a hint or knows what happens here? Why does this command not work. Other commands seem to work fine, also I get correct telemetry from the board so obviously uorb HAS to work right? Also If I enter “uorb status” for example, I get output. So what is going on here?

Best regards,


Even I am seeing the same issue on Pixhawk 4 with Mavlink shell.