PX4 No GPS/Flow/Etc. Config

I am attempting to configure PX4 firmware to work only with IMU, magnetometer, and altimeter measurements without GPS, VIO, Flow, etc. No form of external position or velocity validation.

While the IMU(s), magnetometer, and altimeter are working and providing values in both SITL and on a Pixhawk 4, LOCAL_POSITION_NED is showing 0 for both X and Y and the EKF will not enter a flight ready state because it is getting no X and Y position data. The EKF_AID is set to 0, so it isn’t using any fusion.

Is there a way I can configure PX4 to use ONLY built in IMU, magnetometer, and altimeter readings to estimate local position? I will be flying with offboard logic so I only need local position data.