PX4 measures different avionics and battery voltage from multimeter

I am using a Pixhawk MINI with its default power module.

I was about to arm my pixhawk and it threw me an error message “Avionics power low: 4.78 volts”. I googled this error and apparently it is about the voltage input to pixhawk. Then I used a multimeter to directly measure the voltage input from the power module to pixhawk, and the multimeter gave me 5.394 volts.

So I am wondering, why the software is reading a different value from multimeter, and this power low is preventing me from arming?

Second, I noticed the measured LiPo battery voltage is also quite off from the multimeter reading. I thought the power module has a voltage sensor and current sensor, why the sensed voltage is so incorrect?


where did you get the Pixhawk Mini from. Usually Chinese products deviate from the HW Standard and this may explain why you get a too low voltage measurement.

What Kind of Power Module are you using? This must be calibrated, for details check: https://docs.px4.io/en/config/battery.html