PX4 Maintainers Call: November 28, 2023

:calendar: August 01, 2023

The maintainers meeting is a meeting for the developer team to coordinate on pressing issues and to plan the development of the PX4 Autopilot project, the community is welcome to join and listen, but won’t be able to speak unless specific access is granted ahead of time.

:selfie: Meeting Link

:notebook_with_decorative_cover: Agenda

:memo: Meeting Notes

VIO heading bias, toilet bowling (@dakejahl)

Moving Gazebo and models into a submodule

Multicopter go-to interface

What is the β€œcore” / β€œstable” list of modules in PX4? (@Jaeyoung-Lim, @dagar)

  • We need to differentiate between stable and experimental is paramount for the project
  • Getting a per-frame exclusive build with nothing else mixed into it
  • PX4 board support, drivers, sensors, outputs, and using more of PX4 of the framework