PX4_IOCTL disengages PWM ports 1-4

Hey all,

I am having a problem using the latest STABLE build.
This is px4fmu-v3_default on the PIXHAWK 2

I made a program to control MAIN PWM ports 5 and 6 using:

const char *dev = PWM_OUTPUT0_DEVICE_PATH; int fd = px4_open(dev, 0); while (condition){ px4_ioctl(fd, PWM_SERVO_SET(5), 1500); px4_ioctl(fd, PWM_SERVO_SET(6), 1000);

But when i use it, it disengages the pwm output of the main rotor ports 1-4.
(More precisely, when I arm, the ESCs start beeping again expecting a signal).
However, ports 5 and 6 are controlled perfectly when armed.
And to clarrify, when i disable the custom program, motors 1-4 arm and fly perfectly.

This has previously not been an issue on the PIXHAWK 1 (using an older build).

Any help - or any other way to control it?


Is anyone able to know a solution to this? This is creating major problems for me.

I have exactly same problem too. Waiting for discussion.