PX4 interference


I’m working with a PX4 on which I added a companion computer. There controller is an Here+. When I do a mission, sometimes, the RC signal doesn’t seem to be properly received on some channel but the drone is still responding. (for example I have a shutter connected to the PX4 and it doesn’t work anymore but I can still pilot the drone.

Any idea of what could cause this issue?

I’m not sure I understand what is going on. It would be helpful if you could share a photo of your setup as well as a log from a flight and some indication when in the log it is “wrong”.

I don’t really have log but here I’ll try to be more clear.

I have a PX4 (with orange cube) in my drone, an Here+ as the controller and a Raspberry 3B+ connected on the serial2 of the PX4. The RPi listen the mavlink RC_CHANNELS messages sended by the PX4.
On the Here+ I setup a button for the channel 11 on momentary press and so the RPi listen and do something if the value of the channel 11 is higher than 1200 (arbitrary chosen).

Everything works, I also made some flight and it works without any problems. But yesterday I made a longer range flight and it stopped working (the RPi never received a value higher than 1200 on the channel 11 when the button was pressed).
I have several hypothesis. Maybe the signal is just never received (but since the stick was still responding it would mean that there is in fact one signal for the channel 1-4 and one signal for the rest)
Or maybe the signal was lower than 1200 maybe due to distance but since it is in µs is no very probable.
Maybe interference?

So I don’t know if you can help me? Or if one of these hypothesis is possible, or if I should do that in another way


You said it’s an Orange Cube?
If so you’re probably using ardupilot, as I’m pretty sure px4 doesn’t work on Orange yet.
Perhaps better to ask at discuss.cubepilot.org or discuss.ardupilot.org

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