Px4 initial quad copter setup

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Ardupilot has a feature with intial setup that provides an option via Mission planner where one can chose the battery and propeller size which then works out what I assum is the PID settings based on that.

Is something like that planned for PX 4 and Qgroundcontrol?

The following gear is strongly advised:

using a remote to operate the safety pilot

with a Taranis Plus remote (or equivalent)

construction computer

Early 2015 and subsequent MacBook Pro models running OS X 10.15 or later

Ubuntu Linux 18.04 or later on a Lenovo Thinkpad 450 (i5)

(Computer or tablet) used as a ground control station:

iPad (requires Wifi telemetry adapter)

Any MacBook or laptop running Ubuntu Linux (can be the development computer)

a Samsung Note 4 or comparable (any recent Android tablet or phone with a large enough screen to run QGroundControl effectively).

Vehicle that can run PX4:

Purchase a pre-built car

Create your own

security lenses

Tether (multicopter only - for more risky tests)


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