PX4 FlightGear SITL

I am interested is there any possibility to simulate flight with FlightGear ?
Thank you!

Yes this works, but isn’t nicely documented. Have you tried using it with QGC?

Thank you for response.
Use FlightGear with QGC? QGC does not detect flightgear. I don’t know how to configure it.
There is configuration steps provided by ardupilot to setup flightgear. I tried to do analogically but it is not working. Maybe you could advice me what to do.
Thank you very much

What do you mean detect? I’ve only done it on Linux, but QGC was responsible for launching FlightGear with the appropriate configuration.

So I want to run FlightGear and be able to control it through px4. So QGroundControl doesnt detect FlightGear is running. When I start Gazebo I can control the flight with QGC. But not FlightGear.

The FlightGear SITL is enabled by this pull-request.