PX4 Flaperon configuration

Hi, I am new to px4. I mixed the flaperons from radio options of qgc (one flaperon is connected to channel one and the other one is connected to aux 1). When I use radio transmitter to roll, flaperons work fine. But when I switch to stabilized mode and roll the plane by hand, only one flaperon works. I know this is because I only mixed them for radio. I am trying to mix them directly from pixhawk with qgroundcontrol. I searched a lot and find this documentation for ardupilot software: Flaperon Configuration — Plane documentation but the parameters in this documenation doesn’t exist in px4.
Is there a px4 equivalent of this process? It seems really easy for ardupilot but I couldn’t find anything for px4.

Hi @gokbeykeskin ,

To use flaperons, you need to assign 1 RC channel to roll (the roll stick) and one to flaps (switch or potentiometer for example). Then, the mixing is done in the autopilot using the right plane configuration.

The two only mixers currently using flaperons are AAVVTWFF and AAVVTWFF_vtail, and are used in Plane A-Tail (SYS_AUTOSTART = 2106) and Plane V-Tail (SYS_AUTOSTART = 2200). So you can use one of those (change the SYS_AUTOSTART parameter value in QGC) or create a new mixer if you want.

Good luck!

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Hi @bresch, do you know if it’s possible to configure flaperons using Control Allocation, using the Actuators section through QGroundControl?