PX4 Firmware v1.8.2 and QGC. How to enable MB1242 sonar sensor

I am a newbie in using pixhawk. I have a PX4Flow connected to pixhawk 1,but i noticed that the data from MB1043 sonar (px4flow) is not stable. So I want to use a MB1242 sonar on my rotorcraft. I read user documentation and noticed parameter “SENS_EN_MB12xx”,but I can not find it in my QGC(v3.5.2). The firmware on my pixhawk 1 is 1.8.2 Stable version. except that i also noticed a page in this forum, but when i send a command “mb12xx start -a” by mavlink console, it return “mb12xx: command not found”.
so,what should i do. please help me. thank you very much.

The problem is that some of the older Pixhawk 1 have a silcon errata which means that only 1MB out of 2MB flash space can be used. This means that we can’t compile all modules for this platform by default.

To work around this issue you can build the firmware yourself. The onle change you need to do is to edit this file:

and replace:




Thank you so much!!!

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