Pixhawk 1 - sonar range finder - parameter not fount

Is build a quadcopter using Pixhawk 1 (3DR), latest version of QGrouncontrol and a Maxbotic analog sonar connected to ADC 3.3V.
In Qgroundcontrol I enabled EKF2_RNG_AID.
I think that I should also enable SENS_EN_MB12XX bit I do not find this command. I cannot find this parameter in the groups, nor search.
I do not think that the rangefinder works, when I check altitude in Analize Tools nothing happens when I change distance from the sonar to ground.
Can somebody help me?

This is likely because of the original 3dr pixhawk (px4_fmu-v2_default) being limited to only 1 MB of flash (most boards use all 2MB). You can either try to upgrade the bootloader (SYS_BL_UPDATE) to see if your board is new enough to not have the silicon bug, switch to a different newer board, or compile a custom build with the driver you want. https://github.com/PX4/PX4-Autopilot/blob/f571b29ae8152cc0b3d0f6bb7f160e3a44a8d9ed/boards/px4/fmu-v2/default.cmake#L30