PX4 Firmware could support IR-LOCK (pixy) sensor?

Hi, everyone

I want to use PX4 Firmware to do precision landing.

But PX4 Firmware default no support IR-LOCK.

How to compiler the PX4 firmware + irlock ?

Anyone have ideas or solution?

Thank you very much.


I would also be interested by that.
Could anyone comment on that please ?

I have seen that piece of code:

so that code is there by default.

Is the driver compiled and auto started as px4flow ?
Or should we add a line somewhere to autostart it ?

Thanks in advance for your help,
Have a nice day

The driver exist but never used.

Plus, IRLock is not maintained and the product is not working properly. It is better to take some IR leds you can find online and power them. You’ll have a better tracking for about 5$!