PX4 Dev Call: November 17, 2021

November 17, 2021

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  • Community Q&A
  • Project Updates
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  • High priority queue
  • Release
  • In-Depth discussions

Community Q&A

  • Question about CubeOrange support see the question and answer below.

  • @MaEtUgR : A lot of times the question about the parameter COM_RC_OVERRIDE not doing what described because it’s looked over that the parameter represents a bit mask and the value needs to be set to 3 if the feature should be enabled for Offboard. Suggestion is to enable it by default such that people can disable the bit if they don’t want to use it.

  • Michael: Joined a technical conference and heard the questions from people dismissing an open-source solution for their autopilot: “How do you know noone sneaks in malicious code?”

    Every pull-request (addition) is all laid out in front of the developers and reviewed before it gets added to the code base.

    “Is there certification available for PX4?”

    There are certified vehicles running PX4 that were tested against requirements. In terms of software there is no fully tracable certification covering the entire project because the process to reach that is very likely much higher than the development itself. The door is open for pieces to be certified. There are possibilities to use a certified RTOS, port certain parts in the future but it would be a bigger effort.

  • Vibhu: Joined to offer testing on hardware pixhawk 4 and CUAV V5 nano and sharing reports and logs back.

Project Updates

  • QGroundcontrol update: There were issues with the continuous integration, it was moved to GitHub actions, S3 upload for the daily builds linked in the documentation didn’t work from mid-September until now. It’s all back up and the latest builds are available here:


  • Refactoring on flight task architecture to remove unnecessary inheritance layers and simplify the navigator interface as preparation to move to modes covering individual modes per vehicle type (e.g. Takeoff for fixed-wing):

High priority queue

Was skipped in favor of other discussed topics.


Current state of master is pretty stable with only small issues. We’d like to incorporate the community further in terms of testing feedback to prepare for the next release.

In-Depth discussions

If you have any feedback or corrections please comment on this post.


Need to understand whether Px4 is being supported on the Orange CUBE Pixhawk series.

thank you

Px4 is being supported on the Orange CUBE Pixhawk

@sibujacob Yes, it is supported. It’s target cubepilot_cubeorange
Check the documentation for details:


Great !!
Can you please advice why when i use the motor test feature for checking the servo movements, only the esc motor runs and then stops. However when use the manual or stabilized flight modes, everything works correctly.
I am doing this test thro’ QGC —>px4 stack

thank you