PX4 Dev Call: July 3, 2019

Hi All,

Here is the Agenda for July 3rd:

Moderator: Lorenz, Notes: Andries

  • Component maintainer role: Quickstart tutorial and setting expectations
  • Follow-up

More topics might be added based on the Devcall list on Github or by commenting here.

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Notes from maintainer/coredev workshop that we should discuss how to create effective followup strategies:

VTOL: VTOL maintainer notes from Zurich devsummit workshop

Testing&QA :Testing and QA notes from DevSummit workshop

ROS: ROS integration notes from DevSummit

Sensor Architecture: Sensor and Architecture Notes from DevSummit Workshop

Navigator - Navigator discussion notes from DevSummit workshop

I would like to add a discussion about the stale bot.

My opinion is that it’s only adding noise, annoying, and means that we potentially miss issues that are important.

It’s especially annoying coming back from holidays to this:


Dev call 3.7.2019. Notes by Andries

Component maintainer role.
The goal is to formalize this role.
The component maintainer will be responsible for:

  • Triaging, looking at the component issues every day, make sure nothing is stale
  • Plan tests
  • Contact person for support, and set expectations
  • Bring things to the table at the dev call
  • Drives the roadmap
  • does the promotion of the component (videos, presentations)
  • push things to completion.
    The maintainer will have a buddy maintainer as back up
    The tool will be a project board and labelling. Multiple labels can be associated to one board.
    Julien Kent will take vision and avoidance as one board.
    AP: @Daniel will make a proposal for discussion next week.
    AP: @Everybody: Contact Lorenz/Daniel when you are a maintainer and you feel not able to do the task. Else it will be assumed you will be the owner of the project board.

Stalebot hatred. Julian Oes.
After holiday the stalebot is demotivating. It also adds noise and might close things that are relevant.
We must stay on top of it from the beginning. How do we get out of the hole? Reason for spam was problem with the Wrike bot.
Julian is okay with keeping the stalebot for the time being.

Issue: Multiple magnetometer inconsistency check needs to be revised
Matthias is working on it and will give an update next week.
Back port to v1.9 should be discussed?

Issue: Commander reports "Not Disarming, Not in manual mode or landed yet"
It needs a design that is documented and maintained. Further discussion in the issue.

Issue: Reboot via QGC does not restore dropped RC connection
If you reboot on V2 or V3, PX4.io on the sensor bus doesn’t come up cleanly.
Daniel Nethery: “in our experience with this issue, on the 2.1 cube, the params do all wipe to factory default if rebooted too quickly. Reboot through Mavlink: clicking reboot vehicle in params dropdown”
Roman reported that parameters are sometimes wiped after reboot.
Further investigation required.

V2 memory limitation.
How to do end of life of V2? Major release is a good moment.
We should consider urging people in QGC to upload the bootloader on V2.
GCC 8 brings 4kB improvement.
Daniel will try GCC 9, to see whether this saves memory.

Issue: MAVLINK over USB (12201).
Introduced 1.9 since refactoring of start-up scripts. Was working in 1.8.2.
Daniel and David assigned. Will look further into this.

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