PX4 Dev Call: June 26, 2019

Hi All,

Here is the Agenda for June 26:

  • Dev Summit Debrief and summary
  • Component maintainers
  • v1.9.1 Maintenance Release
  • Stick feel
  • UX

More topics might be added based on the Devcall list on Github or by commenting here.


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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

10:10 AM


  • Dev Summit Debrief and summary
  • Component maintainers
  • v1.9.1 Maintenance Release
  • Stick feel
  • UX

From https://discuss.px4.io/t/px4-dev-call-june-26-2019/11631

Action Items

David - look into USB plug issue

CUAV boards - noise on power supplies

David to post updates on CUAV board connector bringup.

Lorenz - Followup on V1.9 announcement

Thomas - will check send invite

Important Dates

Meeting Details

  • Date and Time: 6/26/2019
  • Location: Zoom
  • Attendees:


  • V1.9 announce and social


CUAV boards

  • Bootloader V5 bootloader being used? Are these being CUAV. Wrong rev on version ID. IS this a systemic issue. Revision - we cannot be sure if it is a new revision? David gave them a version and revision ID. We assume this is a build issue or bug in the firmware.
  • Power module 2 connector doesn’t bring voltage onto system. What is the use case?
  • SBUS out does not work.
  • GPS fix LED - do we support that.

PX4 V1.9

  • Did we ever announce it formally? Social media/dicsuss etc.
  • Ready to announce. Just dropped because of summit.
  • Use V1.9 despite 1.9x update.
  • Need to push out a textual description of the

Dev Summit feedback

  • Great response

  • Discovering holes in community process.

    • Next week -
    • Week after - Lorenz is out.
  • In person discussions were very useful.

    • Jinger preparing notes.
    • Summit was much better than Dev call.
  • Lead on subject needed, then add a whip.

    • Interrupt when we go down into the details
    • Try to keep the call moving with detailed follow-up
  • Working groups? One day a month? With informal presentation

  • Schedule, with some process to take action and followup

  • Mavlink Dev call - bi weekly

    • Need to get better, but still reasonable amount of work done. Thanks Hamish!
    • Every two weeks - focused on standard some communications.
    • Should this be led by component maintainer - that can provide context.
  • Dilution of efforts?

    • During dev, announced that maintainers are contributing to upstream
      • How do we know where other developers fit in. without clarity on other high level priorities.
      • Stale expectations? Like Dshot?
      • Should this call be the update for the “real roadmap”?
      • (Daniel) - calls are not frequent enough for people that need decisions to be made.
        • Suggest local deep dive groups. Monthly session on this? Also reconsider roadmap at that time? Presentation, video, update - allow component maintainer to stay relevant
        • How do we ensure we know the priorities of the end users.? (broken airframe configuration etc.)
          • Are we realistic on what we actually support based on what is being actively supported
          • Lightweight file per directory to represent the support of that module?
          • Daniel - lets go through everything and be realistic. Test, does it work? And drop?
  • Lorenz - component maintainers

    • Purged the list to remove absent people.
    • https://github.com/px4/firmware#maintenance-team
      • Need to ensure that these maintainers are on the call.
    • Timezone? Should not be during business hours for some of Europe
      • Lorenz - for most people late in the afternoon works well Europe (Nunio, Paul Riseborough are outliers.)
    • Overlap? Each item needs a second component maintainer. Second is assumed to be filling in , but partnership/equality is also good.
    • Alignment on roadmaps - get pushback
      • Schedule tool. Gant charts?
      • Bigger issues within git. Own the issue and keep updating it.
        • Do we really use Project boards? Lorenz found that project board was useful and gave good awareness.
        • Daniel - milestones? David - can we nest the roadmap in to each board use the top level issue. Take ownership of release blockers board - that seems to be the issue. Assign owners and pass on to second in charge. Organized to the person, and they manage it.
          • Everything can be found quickly.
          • Visible if backlog is creeping up
          • Rundown with component maintainers to dive into details and triage and loadbalance
          • If you want to track something , then you need an owner, and that owner will be a component maintainer.
          • Daniel - each PR needs a response to set expectations. (we see the issue, but cannot address - open for help)
          • David - root source of “buckets” for issues - is project board structure within that tools. Spend some time on process.
  • Thomas to add new people to invite

  • ![Machine generated alternative text:
    Firu:i participant
    iain galloway (Me)
    Daniel Agar (Host)
    Lorenz Meier
    Tony(Test Flight)
    Thomas Gubler
    Nuno Marques
    David Sidrane
    Alex Kli |330x365](file:///C:/Users/nxa15528/AppData/Local/Temp/1/msohtmlclip1/02/clip_image001.png)

UX issue

  • Matthias
    • Mapping stick input to acceleration while in normal position mode
    • Yuneex H520, “altitude mode is more intuitive”
      • Reaction to stick based on accel .
      • Compared with Ardupilot
      • Controller changes needed to have it work with real units M/S^2
        • Tilt limit not completed
        • Torque limit missing
      • Goal was to be backward compatible.
        • Testing for usefulness. Limited testing to date
        • Could be moved to default and
        • Lorenz - not disagreeing. Building more options that rely on parametrs. There are too many. You can’t decypher or find many of these options.
        • Some systems fly better with airmode. But we need to invest time to autodetect when this mode is needed.
        • Config should be about true user preferences and not a tuning exercise.
        • Beat - (airmode) risk is that vehicle will shoot up.
          • Check for rate tracking, oscillations, add limit to alititude?
            • Too close to ground - disable
          • User perspective. Fly system in postion control, look for excursions based on GPS velocity alone -adds robustness. Racer has no GPS, so it can be made visible to acro mode racer. Need to classify user and vehicle profiles a bit more. This could be used to pre-configure setup for particular needs
          • Airmode - matthias - nothing to do with GPS. Connect motors in wrong order - airmode will …rate error , vibration playing a role.
            • NEED detection for reasonable use cases.
            • Daniel - Be realistic for parameter configuration, minimize the surface area for adjustment
            • David - review what parameters need to be exposed. What the priority is? Infer the meaning. Lorenz - source of crash and reliability.
              • How will this get implemented? How do we reduce?
                • Can we infer things from old parameters? (Not really)
                • Matthias, more comfortable with parallel path so that new methods can be tested.
          • Safety manual in QGC. Should be presented in a UI method.
          • Daniel - For airframes we have now -should drop
          • https://github.com/PX4/Firmware/compare/master...mcsauder:pr-airframe_cleanup
            • Size and scaling - determines the parameters for generic
              • 3-4 frame sizes
                • Big cargo
                • Mid size
                • Racer
              • Julian - tuning guide is in depth. Should we set a few default sets of parameters to start? Suggestions for parameters.
              • Declartive airframe configuration. Metadata for outputs included?
              • Matthias - how could setup workflow be drafted - Gus/stephan needs to know what should be in there. Agree what is needed?
              • Daniel - David - can QGC - Upload parameters then highlight which have changed?
                • Click on airframe + defaults for airframes
                  • If we change the defaults - they don’t necessarily get them
                  • Use previous setting, (but they are in a script) . Maybe they should be in a parameter file instead.
                  • Need requirements, also need to brainstorm with Gus and Don on what’s possible and what are the pain points.
  • Pull requests:
    • Run stackcheck on bench - Julian
    • Mark to do stackcheck build on PX4FMUV5 stackcheck- boot with console connected. Do with Each of these PRs