PX4 Dev Call: December 18, 2019

December 18, 2019


  • 1.10 release is out! Twitter announcement, release notes
  • Next two dev calls cancelled due to holidays.
  • Status update by component
  • Open section for the community (Please add your agenda items)
    • Anyone can propose topics for discussion

Join Meeting

Meeting ID: 946 175 205
Join using your mobile/desktop

Call in using your phone, find your local number: https://zoom.us/u/aetSYKbiMF

Component update


Flight Testing

Weekly Report: 43 test flights, 4 PRs, more info here: Week 45 December 9- December 13

System Architecture

OS / NuttX

  • Move to Apache incubator in progress.
  • IMXRT: prototypes have arrived, board is up and running, @david_s5 is working on various issues as they come up. NuttX patches will probably be backported for now, and then come in the next NuttX release.


  • No update


  • Distance drivers in the 1.10 checked by @mcsauder.
  • Question about state of mpu6000 options of different drivers, etc. @david_s5 and @mcsauder will follow up.


  • No update


  • No update

Fixed Wing

  • No update


  • Position controller refactoring number 5 went in: https://github.com/PX4/Firmware/pull/13701

  • Refactoring of smooth waypoint stuff is ready and has been flight tested. Removed old mission line tracking for flash space. Avoidance will be re-tuned to use the new smooth waypoint instead of the old mission line tracking: https://github.com/PX4/Firmware/pull/13596

  • Discussion about fmu-v2 flash space again:

    • @LorenzMeier suggesting to have variants of fmu-v2 and the option to select them in QGC.
    • @david_s5 suggesting to automate the bootloader update to get numbers on fmu-v2 vs fmu-v3.
    • @JulianOes representing @dagar and @bkueng which vote to keep working/optimizing on flash space.
      -> to be followed up in a separate dev call!


  • No update


  • Little bugfixes, change on firmware side mentioned above.

Open section for the community

  • Junwoo Hwang asking regarding documentation:

    • Documentation more describing the code would be helpful.
    • E.g. how to implement a specific feature, how does avoidance, position control, mission smoothing, etc. all work together from an architectural standpoint.
  • Timeline for next release?

    • @jkflying suggesting to do 4 releases per year instead of 2.

Errata and Feedback

Let me know below if I failed to capture anything the right way, and if there are any updates, or you have feedback on the call format.

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