PX4 custom flight controller porting

hi, I am currently working with px4 custom board development, I got stuck with the final step of the NuttX Board Porting Guide. I was done till this part.

"make manufacturer_my-target-v1 menuconfig"

but it shows an error like this:

''CMake Error at platforms/nuttx/CMakeLists.txt:64 (message): NuttX custom board directory (../../../../boards/px4/fmu-v6c/nuttx-config) isn't in board directory."

please help me with it.

I also faced same error but i fixed this by editing the def config files in the custom_manufacturer (it may depend on what you have named the board under which manufacturer) folder to reflect the paths as same as your custom board in CONFIG_ARCH_BOARD_CUSTOM_DIR variable.

There will be two defconfig files in the nuttx folder, you have to change it both as I stated above. One will be under nuttx-config/bootloader other will be under nuttx-config/nsh of your custom board directory.

Hope this clears up everything.


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