PX4 Community Q&A: January 03, 2024

January 03, 2024

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Q.1 : I would live to read engine telemetrics from a jet engine I am integrating into a Fixed Wing PX4 based UAV

Would need to take a look at the serial communications information that the manufacturer is publishing. ModalAI’s ESC is feeding motor data into PX4, so you can take a look at how that is done to replicate it on your own system

Q.2 : EKF2 Fusion, viewing GPS, OF, or EV

core thing is estimator status flags
it is either CS_GPS CS_OF CS_EV, those are the core ones
on starling we can do px4 listener.
we can do it through QGC console. regular px4 listener
to get the quality in realtime we could possibly do this in events right now. emit the event, pick up on it in qgc
super short term, estimator status flags. use listener to view it live
long term: look in qgc how prearm is done dynamically with flags and see if we can give live updates. have a qgc widget on the side that displays the % quality. We can have an event emitted when we want to update the quality of EV, GPS, or OF… OR when one positioning system flips over to another.

:thinking: General Discussions

D.1 : Integrating VOXL2 to mainline PX4.

How can we take what we have, that is working so far, and integrate it without needing to do a lot of refactoring.
Dagar: Let’s finish the PR for serial and then take a look at RC, then move from there. As soon as serial gets into place, a huge portion of the rest of this is going to be quick. Parameters is going to be another large issue. We are going to need to turn parameters into a server. Which will open it up to ROS2 as well.