PX4/ CollisionPrevention

Hi All,

First post here.

My team and I are running PX4 V1.9 Dev on a Pixhawk4, with an ODroid XU4 as a companion computer and a Teraranger Tower Evo (with 4 Evo60m) for distance sensing.

We are mainly running indoors with optical flow for positioning and we are trying to enable collision prevention as instructed here: https://docs.px4.io/en/computer_vision/collision_prevention.html, using laser scan conversion to obstacle_distance message, publishing into uORB.

The distance messages can be read with “listener obstacle_distance” and “collision warning” messages are shown (all within NuttX). The stick inputs do get cut when the drone apparently “sees” some obstacle, but it does not stop nor get repelled as an object gets closer to it.

Are there some things we need to check to ensure that CollisionPrevention is working correctly?

Many thanks!