PX4/avoidance Collision Prevention and Multidirectional Sensors

Hey guys,

I was hoping to gain some insight on Collision Prevention using a companion computer running PX4/avoidance. I followed the guide to install the software on an embedded Raspberry pi system running Ubuntu 18 on Docker, but I am only able to find instructions on running this as a Global Planner or Local Planner here https://github.com/PX4/avoidance#run-on-hardware. To start I only want to implement the Collision Prevention functionality. Is this available using the PX4/avoidance sofware?

I am running PX4 v1.8. I saw that in v1.10, collision prevention is available by plugging sensors directly into the flight controller, but it does not appear that this supports multidirectional / 360 degree range finders. Are multidirectional range finders such as TeraRanger Tower Evo or plugging multiple range finders supported if plugged directly into the flight controller? If not, is it possible from a companion computer?